7K for 7 Stars Charity Event

Because of you generous 61 athletes that gave money and participated in the 7K for 7 Stars benefit workout, we are able to provide $1500 to our beloved local charity – Seven Stars Foundation to help send our kids of military families to camp for a week with others alike.

Thank you all for sharing your money, spending your time and spilling your sweat on 7•7•19! And thank you Seven Stars Foundation for cooking us burgers – we were super hungry after the running, jumping, squatting, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and of course burpees.

This was the most meaningful workout event to date for all of us – 7/7/19 – 7K for 7 Stars fundraiser for our beloved Seven Stars Foundation. 61 of us gave money and thoughts to support this cause – to help send children from our Military families to camp for a week. We worked hard today and made some new friends while memorializing our Big Bear native 1st Lt. Jared M. Landaker.

We were honored to have Assemblyman Jay Obernolte (California’s 33rd Assembly District) with his wonderful wife Heather come and workout with us to support the cause. He experienced firsthand the quality of 7K and the commitment we have for others in our community and beyond. He awarded 7K CrossFit as his Small Business award from his large district landscape of 20+ towns. This award is presented to small businesses that center around providing jobs and contributing to the community.

Please go to SevenStarsFoundation.com to learn more about the foundation and maybe give a little so kids of our military families can go to camp for a week.


VOLUME UP on this video so you can hear Laura Landaker tell the story of how her son lost his life with 6 other Marines and what the family and friends are doing to make a positive impact for our Military children from this tragic event.

Seven Stars Foundation, Inc.
Jay Obernolte