Coach Andrea Miller

I was born and raised in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  I’ve been vacationing in Big Bear since I was a teenager and enjoy snowboarding, wakeboarding, paddleboarding, and hiking with my two pups.

My active lifestyle led me to CrossFit in 2012.  I was looking for a community of like minded people to enjoy fitness with.  I very quickly fell in love with CrossFit.  I loved the community, the workouts, and the overall methodology behind CrossFit.  I developed an interest in becoming a coach.  I am a high school math teacher and I enjoy helping people.  It seemed only natural to want to teach people about CrossFit because I absolutely love it and I am so passionate about CrossFit.   

In March 2015 I started a six-month coach’s shadowing and training program at my home gym in Upland. I received my CF L1 certificate in October of 2015.  Since obtaining my CF L1, I’ve continued to refine my craft as a coach. I’ve taken several other specialty training courses.  Those include CF Sport Specific Application 01/2017, CF Weightlifting 02/2017, CF Gymnastics 02/2017, audit of CF Gymnastics (new material)  in 02/2018 and Active Life Rx: Coach’s Assessment Seminar  09/2018.  I am also currently in the process of completing Precision Nutrition’s Level 1 Certification.

I love coaching!  It is so awesome to see people make progress and improve on their weaknesses.  It makes me feel so good when I can support someone with accomplishing their own health and fitness goals.  I’m super excited to work with the members at 7K CrossFit, as Big Bear and it’s community hold a special place in my heart!

CF Level I Certified

CF Weight Lifting Specialty Certified

CF Gymnastics Specialty Certified

CF Sport Specific Specialty Certified