Co-Founder & Coach, Andy Meadors.

I want YOU to experience what I have experienced with CrossFit! CrossFit is the ultimate confidence builder while having fun with others. And I am going to guide you through this so you feel the same!

My whole life I have been competitive from team sports like baseball, basketball and football to the individual sports like rock climbing, downhill mountain bike racing, motocross racing, snowboarding, and more. I love to push myself for the test of what I can do in that moment for the story of the adventure, and to ultimately be better than who I was yesterday. This is my hope for you – to push yourself to be best you can be.

I’ve professionally instructed Snowboarding and Scuba Diving in my life, taught many people to rock climb and mountain bike. And now, I want to guide you through your fitness goals, help you do things you never thought you can do and ultimately be the person you aspire to be.

Speaking of me, my body is broken indeed at the age of 43; 15 years of chronic slipped discs in my low back, degenerative disc disease, broken T3 and C2 (lucky to be alive), too much distress on the right shoulder from high school and college baseball, and more issues. BUT – doing this CrossFit thing – I have never felt better! I have never been as strong and confident as who I am today. Seriously.

My goal for YOU is too reach your goals through this functional fitness of CrossFit. Please email me at or call 310.780.5232 for any questions or thoughts you may have.

CF Level I Certified

CF Gymnastics Specialty Certified

CF Weightlifting Specialty Certified

CF Spot The Flaw Certified

CF Scaling Certified