Pat & Andy for Further CrossFit Education

The weekend of October 6-7, 2018 – Pat Burton and Andy Meadors ventured off the hill to further their personal athletic and (more importantly) their coaching skills in two of the most highly respected CrossFit Specialty courses available.

Pat heads to CrossFit Invictus in downtown San Diego for his CrossFit Weightlifting Course while Andy goes to cruises down to Murrieta to CrossFit by Overload for his Gymnastics Course.


Andy Meadors- “I decided to spend the dough and the weekend with a bunch of other CrossFit coaches to learn a more in-depth understanding and skill of the gymnastics movements we do in CrossFit in order to not only be a better athlete, but more importantly a better coach to my athletes that trust me. These movements include the foundational Hollow Body position, Kipping Pull Ups and Chest to Bar, Handstand Push Ups and Walks, Bar and Ring Muscle Ups, Ring Dips, Toe to Bar and Pistols.

Gymnastics is quintessentially moving your body (with no external loading) to purposefully accomplish a certain task given. Granted this stuff is hard, but with proper coaching and increased strength over time with persistence from the athlete – we have the ability to do things we never thought we can do. I am very excited to help coach you at 7K CrossFit to get that first pull up, that first muscle up or that rad handstand walk!”


Pat Burton – “I have been coaching for over 4 years now. One thing I’ve always been intrigued with is Olympic style lifting. Last week I was finally able to attend the CrossFit Weightlifting Level I Class. Even better I was able to have the legendary Coach Burgener and his daughter Sage as the lead instructors! What an amazing team!

The content and the quality of instruction was phenomenal. The main focus was how I, as a coach at 7K CrossFit, can deliver the best instruction to you the athletes. They emphasized sound basic fundamentals and how to teach, see and correct an athlete in two of the most technical Olympic lifts, the snatch and the clean and jerk. I’m excited to deliver this quality instruction to all of the athletes of 7K CrossFit!!”