Are You New to CrossFit?

This is how you start your new CrossFit journey.

If you have prior CrossFit experience, our Essentials classes in Step #2 is not mandatory.

Step #1

Attend a “No Sweat” Intro

The first step in getting started is coming in for a Free “No Sweat” Intro.

Seriously, we will not make you sweat!

During this 30-minute-ish sit-down we’ll discuss:

  • Who we are and what we do
  • Any questions you may have
  • Review your New 7K Athlete Questionnaire that you previously filled out ahead of time
  • Your goals and how we can develop the best plan to achieve them

So from here – fill out this New 7K Athlete Questionnaire and we’ll get back to you quickly.

OR please contact us for more info or to schedule an appointment.

Step #2

Attend 7K Essentials 

This is mandatory for all first time CrossFitters. We require up to 4 Essential Classes with one of us coaches before you participate in our routine CrossFit Group Classes.

There’s 2 ways to pay for this:

  1. $25 a class for up to 4 classes (before signing up for membership). This is best when these essential classes are spread out over time.
  2. Pay for your membership now and let’s get these essential classes done quickly for the best bang for your buck.

We require that all first time CrossFitters graduate from our 7K Essentials before participating in our CrossFit group classes. But if you have prior CrossFit experience of over at least 3 months, these essential classes are not required.

These CrossFit Essentials Classes are common among most CrossFit boxes. They are designed to on-ramp new client athletes into the methodology and foundational movements of what we do with lifting, gymnastics, cardio and the overall practice. We teach you the foundational movements and assess your ability to what is appropriate for your fitness level. This is up to 4 classes of a one hour session with either just you or other athletes able to join for that hour. This is a great start to further your health and fitness!

Step #3

Select a Membership

Once you’ve graduated from 7K Essentials or have prior CrossFit experience, talk to us about our membership options, and we’ll get you setup.

We of course recommend the UNLIMITED CrossFit Membership for the best results.

Talk to us on becoming a member of our family – a freak’n fun family doing our best for our fitness and wellbeing.

  • Simply enter your contact information below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with more information!