Coach Toni Gerlette

Raised in Big Bear and graduated from Big Bear High School. I enjoyed riding bikes, motorcycles, snow and water skiing. A bit shy to play school sports, but played youth soccer.

I enjoyed working out at the gym and being active. Life took a turn with family. So I opened a family day care in my home in order to be home for my kids. I enjoyed that for 12 years before returning to fitness.

My fitness career began in 2010 as a personal trainer. I truly love watching people become the best version of themselves.
I was introduced to CrossFit in 2012. I found it enjoyable but was unable to continue at that time. When 7K opened, it gave me the opportunity to reacquaint myself with, and fall in love with the sport of CrossFit. I was able to experience the community in a way the I hadn’t before, and health that naturally comes by showing up on a regular basis. It was what was missing in my fitness journey.

I obtained my CFL1 in October 2019 and am working on my PNL1. Coaching CrossFit is amazing. I get to be a part of people’s health journey. I absolutely love it.

CF Level I Certified